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VFCS’22 : VIRTUAL Fuel Cell System Summer School on electrochemical hybrid systems

In the frame of FCLAB’ Summer Schools series, the European project Virtual-FCS is organizing the 2022 Summer School edition: VFCS’22. VFCS’22 is organized with the participation of the European project Haeolus. This year, the focus will be on modelling, diagnostics and prognostics of electrochemical hybrid systems including fuel cells and batteries.

The Summer School will propose lectures, tutorials, practical work, lab visits and experiments. During the 4 days of the school, lectures will present different key topics of energy systems such as fuel cell-based hybrid system performance analysis dimensioning, and degradation modelling, as well as the tools: data-driven or model-based approaches dedicated to diagnostics or prognostics.

Participants will benefit from expertise of the lecturers, and expertise gained from both European projects.

Tutorials and practical work will be given on OpenModellica and Virtual-FCS, the open-source, easy to use platform developed by the Virtual-FCS consortium.


This summer school is designed for Graduate and PhD Students, for Academics and Researchers as well as to Industry Partners.

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